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We share,here below, our recent  success stories, project delivered 2017-2018
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Budgeting and Planning

We supported our customer , a European Group, to successfully deploy a Budgeting and Planning solution across its Europeans subsidiaries (Full roll out across 12 countries).

We also helped our customer to implement a Multi-GAAP Statutory Consolidation platform (Local GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP) covering EMA zone

Statutory Consolidation

We supported our customer , an International Group, to successfully implement  a Multi-GAAP Statutory Consolidation platform (Local GAAP and IFRS )  fully SOX compliant. The new application simplified considerably  financial reporting process.

Big data and Datawarehouse migration

We supported our customer , a telecom operator , to successfully deploy a Big Data layer on top of his Datawrehouse to enable real time access to historical data and complete the "Customer View" by including additional unstructured data source.

Business Inelligence

We supported our customer , a Governmental organization, to successfully deploy their Business Intelligence platform made available for internal users and external stakeholders (Suppliers,Students,..).

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