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    Performance Management


Big Data & Data management

Over the years, EPSM Consulting has  developed its expertise around the following  two major areas   :

  • Enterprise Performance Management

  • Data  Management and governance

Performance Management

We design and deploy Enterprise performance management (EPM) process and software system  to help organizations link their strategies to their plans and execution. Either through a Bottom-up or Top-Down approach, company objectives are shared across the organization , discussed an reviewed with key stakeholders in a collaborative way and then established and monitored through  KPIs

To support this, EPSM deploys application that covers the following

management processes:

  • Budgeting, planning, forecasting and modeling

  • Consolidating results and closing the books on a periodic basis

  • Reporting results to internal and external stakeholders

  • Analyzing performance vs. plan, prior years, across divisions or products


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Big Data & Data Management

During our journey throughout "performance management" projects delivery , we figured out that providing Business Users  with a quick access to raw data improves their decision making process and  help them better monitor the gap between their actual results and expected results.


For instance, monitoring a customer behavior (a buyer, a subscriber, ..) or tracking a good shipment  on a real time basis can be key to successfully anticipate  a loss or improve a profit by proactively taking the adequate  action (Promotion, Order management ..) .


As a result EPSM developed its expertise around this area  by providing easy-to-deploy (quick go-to-market) non-intrusive solutions that can fit to any existing IT landscape and provide business users with better insighit into their data.

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