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We help our customers to manage and deploy innovative IT platforms  and solutions to better sustain their growth  and support their business.

Starting from "Requirement Gathering" down to "Application Support " we assist our customer in "Business Process Assessment & Review", "Solution Design"  ,  "Application deployment" and "Application Audit and Tuning" .

Areas of Expertise

EPMS is specialized in two areas  "Performance and Strategy Management" and "Data Management".


Our approach consists in providing  business users with quick self service access to high quality data  to better

monitor the performance of they company and provocatively take the right decision to adjust the performance as per the expect plan and  strategy.



We recently supported one of our customers , a European Group, to successfully deploy a Budgeting and Planning solution across its Europeans subsidiaries (Full roll out across 12 countries).

We also helped our customer to implement a Multi-GAAP Statutory Consolidation platform (Local GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP) covering EMA zone


Industries & Technologies

Our team of experts have the right knowledge and skills to support customers operating is different business areas like Telecom industry, Goverment , Distribution, Bank&Insurance etc..


with a focus on  Data Management and Financial Performance Management 



EPSM Consulting  is an consultancy company specialized in deploying BIG Data, Machine Learning, Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions with a focus on EMA market.

We assist and support our customers throughout the project life-cycle starting from "Requirement Gathering" , "Process redesign", "Solution deployment" down to "Applications Maintenance & support".


EPSM Consulting operates mainly on EMEA market  (Europe, Middle East and Africa) since 2012 with main Offices in Netherlands for european operations and Tunisia for MA operations.

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